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Ezwebhosting was born from the realisation that South Africans,especially SMME businesses are paying extremely high prices for webhosting services. We formed this company to make it EZ for everyone to afford this valuable service. Our core business is Website hosting and our core focus is providing this solution to SMME businesses. In todays high-speed, and fast paced world, customers have become increasingly conscious of online shopping and how EZ and safe it is. Be it for bargain browsing, product research or purchases, locating companies and services no longer mean searching through the phone book.

Affordable internet access is gradually becoming available to everyone, however owning your piece of the world-wide-web is still costly. We plan to change this, by bringing the world to your business and taking your business to the frontline of the digital age of information, advertising and sales.

Ezwebhosting provides your business with the technological edge by eliminating the frustrations, hassle, time and effort to REGISTER, HOST, DESIGN AND MAINTAIN your business websites. Email addresses, online billing system, safe and secure transactions, dedicated, guaranteed and reliable service, with 24/7/365 professional and qualified advice and support. Additional services offered include, networking and infrastructure solutions. Your business can now stay open 24/7 with Ezwebhosting .


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